To apply for membership to ETX ADAM please page down and fill out the membership request form below.

On behalf of the ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) I would like to thank you for your continued support and involvement in the Acquisitions, Divestitures and Mergers (ADAM) Energy Forum.

ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) Annual Membership Dues for the next calendar year will be $175.00 per member. There will be no refund if a member is unable to fulfill his/her membership.


Your annual membership dues include the following:

  • Semi-monthly meeting
  • Networking Social Events

Membership dues do not include the entry fee for the annual ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) Golf Tournament or the Annual Sporting Clay Tournament. ETX ADAM administrator has the right to revoke memberships due to missed annual dues after 60 days.

The monthly luncheon meetings are held at Willow Brook Country Club in Tyler, TX on the first Wednesday on even month.

We request that reservations for the monthly luncheons are made  no later than the Monday preceding the meeting you are planning to attend. Reservations may be made by visiting our Reservations page and filling out the online Reservation Form.

Members may invite guests to the luncheon for $30.00 per guest, payable by check or cash. Checks should be made payable to ETX ADAM and mailed in time to arrive prior to the day of the luncheon, to:

Melissa Grimes, RPL

Cell - 903.521.5581

Ted W. Walters & Associates 

2014 Republic Dr.

Tyler, Texas 75701

We announce each event via email to each member who has provided an email address. If for some reason you are not receiving the email announcements you may go to the website and send a message to the ETX ADAM Admin. As an alternative, please feel free to keep in touch with ETX ADAM activities by checking the Calendar page on the website.

ETX ADAM Membership Qualifications

The ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers)  seeks membership of oil and gas industry professionals that are primarily interested in the acquisition, divestiture and/or merger of productive leasehold. We are a unique reserve transaction based interest group that encompasses all disciplines and a wide range of professional training. We expressly discourage utilizing our membership list as a prospect list for the sale of services.

Each membership is an individual membership and is not a corporate membership. If a person changes companies, that individual retains his or her membership for the balance of the calendar year. ETX ADAM will recognize a replacement member on a prorated cost basis.

Exceptions to these guidelines may be allowed in special situations, if approved by the Steering Committee of ETX ADAM.

If you are a current ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) GET ADAM (Greater East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) member and you wish to renew your ETX Adam membership for the coming annual year.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation in ETX ADAM's (East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) GETADAM (Greater East Texas - Acquisition, Divestitures and Mergers) . We look forward to the coming year.

Best Regards,
Ted Walters
East Texas (ETX) ADAM

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